We need a Linux/BSD Kernel GURU

Savant is looking for someone with extensive Kernel modification experience to assist us in development of an embedded Linux network device.

Applicant must have experience in the modification and compiling of Linux/BSD Kernels for specific embedded processors, namely ARM MMUs.

OpenDaylight, OpenFlow, Open vSwitch and understanding of SDN outcomes is a big plus.

We will consider contractors as well but prefer local talent.


Please send your resume and contact info to Jobs6@savantltd.com

IoT – The Personal Experience

What if we could have our everyday experiences enhanced to better fit what we wanted to happen.

What if we could define a personal profile that we carried with us everyday that told the things around us how to best interact with us.  At CES Carnival Cruise Lines just showed a medallion that can be worn aboard their ships to enhance your cruising experience.

Although there are lots of things that could go wrong with this since any number of medallions could be occupying the same space and thus causing the touch screens and such to possible be confused or attempt to service the wrong person.  Certainly there are software ways around conflicts, but it poses the larger question of do we want the world around us to interact with us as opposed to us interacting with it?

Digital Signage Technology For Slover Memorial Library

Slover Library

Construction of the Slover Memorial Library began in June 2012 with a scheduled opening in Winter 2014/2015. The vision of Slover is that it will blend the best of contemporary library resources and services with new and innovative space design, making it a vital center for community learning, leading edge technology and civic engagement. We have partnered with Slover to develop digital signage solutions for the new library, including:

  • A “Word Wall” in the glass forum
  • Interactive Displays with access to the Sargeant Memorial Collection’s (SMC) digital archives
  • Digital Signage with interactive wayfinding systems
  • Floor standing interactive touch tables
  • Digital media lab

Slover Digital Signage Goals

For the Slover Library, digital signage is being developed to accomplish the following:

  • Provide a more effective form of communication to the public
  • Reduce print and paper costs
  • Display and educate the public on new technologies
  • Target specific groups with relevant information
  • Provide channels for emergency notifications

Sergeant Memorial Collection

 Digital Signage Technology For Slover Memorial Library

The SMC Wall will be a multi-user, multi-touch interactive experience that will showcase artifacts from the SMC collection.

The display walls will accommodate multiple users and allow patrons to explore in detail the entire inventory of the SMC memorabilia collection.  The SMC Wall will promote active participation with a positive learning experience that will be fun for both children and adults.


To provide a multi-user, multi-touch interactive experience that showcases thousands of pieces of searchable artifacts which make up the Sergeant  Memorial Collection and allow multiply users to interact simultaneously with the content.

The SMC artifacts will float across the wall.  Artifacts are selected by a direct tap on their surface. Once an artifact is selected, it is centered and brought to the forefront.  In addition, “related” artifacts will satellite around the selected artifact.  For a selected artifact, you should be able to obtain all detailed information and launch Google maps if a latitude and longitude is available for the object.  

The ability to search the collection by themes, sub-themes, date, and keyword will be available.  A timeline function will also be available to view the artifacts in a timeline fashion.  Please see the Search function below.

Digital Sign Displays

  Digital Signage Technology For Slover Memorial LibraryThe Digital Sign Displays address three specific functional signs:

  • Interactive End Caps
  • Concierge
  • Computer Labs Status Display

The end cap digital signage will be used to provide access to the library’s online catalog system and to promote materials within the library.

The first floor concierge sign will convey to patrons schedules for the current day’s events and times along with events within the library and around town.  Special announcements and messages can also be displayed when needed.   

The computer lab digital signage will be used to inform visitors about computer availability throughout the library.   The library’s daily events will also be displayed.

Word Wall

 Digital Signage Technology For Slover Memorial Library

The word wall is a combination of flat panel displays that highlight the technology mission of the library and help define a collective experience of the Forum as a place for the entire city. 

This “video wall” was conceived to encourage the use of the library as a civic resource and reinforce the idea of the architecture as a teaching medium.

The Word Wall’s unique architecture should allow for a resolution independent environment.  You are no longer restricted to the resolution of a single source, or a single display.  Multiple displays can be used to increase the resolution of what the audience sees to exceed what any single display can accommodate.  This sign is a 5 x 3 video wall array with the purpose of communicating and promoting specific information and events to the public.

Specifically, support general awareness, share news and upcoming events, provide a platform for advertising, and help promote the Sergeant Memorial Collection.