Virtualization is rapidly taking over the market. Its viability in the data center has proven itself over the years and desktop virtualization is quickly following in it’s footsteps.

Data center virtualization has created cost savings that can not be matched with a traditional server deployment. It also allows easier management of systems and high availability for your most critical applications. We have chosen to partner with VMware, the leader in data center virtualization. VMware gives us the ability to create an environment that will reduce costs, physical space, conditioning of your data center, and provide significant energy savings.

Desktop virtualization’s adoption in the marketplace is advancing rapidly. Most organizations today want sensitive and critical information stored on protected servers and not on individual computers where they become more vulnerable to loss. Desktop virtualization also has the benefit of simplified management and desktop support. One systems administrator can manage hundreds of computers with a few clicks. In addition, most firms ask their users to leave their computers on 24/7 so updates can be run at night. In many organizations this means hundreds or thousands of computers are running 14-16 hours a day that they are not needs. This creates additional demands on building cooling and consumes a great deal of energy.

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